Using Social Tools to Master Recruiting and Build a Pipeline of Talent!

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Using Social Tools to Master Recruiting and Build a Pipeline of Talent!

One of the challenges of recruiting is having good candidates when you need them. It can take weeks or months to find a candidate that is highly skilled, a good culture fit and available in the price range you want to pay. Technology and social media have changed how we recruit but surprisingly have made recruiting more of a challenge in some ways because candidates are now widely accessible to so many companies simultaneously.

One important thing to remember that can differentiate your firm from the rest of the hiring herd is establishing relationships with candidates. It is social media after all – so try being more social – while maintaining professional relations. After all, if you end up hiring a candidate you’ll continue building on that relationship, so starting now isn’t a bad idea.

Here’s 5 tips to improve your social recruiting strategies:

Elements of social media recruiting strategy

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#1 Develop a Social Recruiting Strategy

Your goals and strategy must be relevant to how you do business, to your staffing needs and to the tools and technology you have available. Your goals must be realistic and achievable. If you set your sights too high, disappointment will likely follow. Your goals should be measurable so you know if you’re hitting or missing the mark and whether the mark is even in the right place. Your strategy and goals must be flexible enough to change as business needs and technology change.

#2 Equip Yourself Aptly

Sure you can use social media without a technological toolkit, but you won’t be able to make the most of it. The whole point of technology is to optimize and automate. So what should you look for when you choose social recruiting tools? First: seamless integration with existing systems – no one wants to deal with duplicating data.

Second: satisfactory  – you want technology that will take your candidates from first contact to onboarding and meets your needs and potential hires’ needs. Third: collaboration – your tech must enable stakeholders to step in and out of the process seamlessly. Last: analytics capabilities – you need to be able to measure your data so you know what’s working well and what needs to be improved or ditched!

Benefits of social recruiting

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#3 Spread the Love

Sure, we all know that LinkedIn is king of social recruiting, followed by Facebook and Twitter, but things change and change fast when it comes to social media. It’s best to not only not put all of your recruiting eggs into one basket, but also to explore other channels that could be an untapped vein of exactly the kind of candidates you need! Consider adding these other channels to your social recruiting stream as well:

  • • – crowdsourced database of business contact information for millions of professionals.
  • • Spoke – a database of user created profiles of businesses and professionals that offers insight in addition to data.
  • • Technorati – a blogging community of experts in various fields that can be a rich source of candidates.
  • • Reachable – a large searchable database of business professionals and companies that features mapping much like LinkedIn’s connection feature.
  • • Zing Recruiting – a candidate network and resume database for IT, engineering and other specialty fields.
  • • JobTarget – an operator of a network of niche job boards.

Execute social recruiting strategy infographic

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#4 Develop Your Brand

No, not your company brand that you put out to your customers, but rather your brand as an employer! This should communicate your culture and values and be reflected in all of your social media interaction and communications. To develop an effective employer branding strategy, listen to what employees and candidates want. Don’t be stiff or formal – use more personal, engaging and even emotional language (i.e. we are passionate about…). Be genuine. You can put out a certain vibe, but if it doesn’t align with what’s real at your firm, you’ll be found out, called out and hung out to dry!

#5 Establish Prospect Relationships

If you wait to engage with professionals until you have a need, it’s too late to implement a lot of these strategies. Ideally, what you want is a passive pipeline of qualified, experienced candidates who would be a match for your firm. These are people that likely already have a job, but you want them to think well of your firm so when you do have a need and reach out, they may be willing to make the leap. Think of your recruiters as farmers – if you wait until you need a carrot, you’re not going to find one. But if you plant the seeds well ahead of time, you’ll have a whole crop to choose from!

When you’re ready to start recruiting more effectively using social media tools, consider giving us a try!

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