In today’s fast-paced, digital world, it gets easy in the hustle and bustle to overlook the human aspect of a business relationship. “The foundation for successful networking and relationship building is making a good connection—that initial contact with someone rooted … Continue reading

Creating Content People Care About

Creating Content People Care About “Content is king” has become a mantra for many social media marketers and website creators in today’s online environment. While this has become an undisputed point, two questions inevitably follow: what kind of content is … Continue reading

6 Social Media Recruiting Strategies you Should Be Doing

Some people are still skeptical about social media recruiting, though I can’t figure out why. The success stories on both companies and individuals finding their dream match through a social media recruitment campaign keep rolling in. Stacy Lambe got hired … Continue reading

What Is Klout (and Why Should You Care)?


Social media measurers Klout announced that they reached the milestone of 100 million people with “Klout Scores” that indicate the individual’s influence from data across 10 networks, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Foursquare. That’s a significant chunk of online users … Continue reading

What is Oracle HPCM?

Oracle HPCM

Introduction One of Oracle’s more recent product offerings in the Enterprise Performance Management Suite is known as HPCM or Hyperion Profitability and Cost Management. This blog post will provide a high-level overview of HPCM from both a functional and technical … Continue reading

What is Oracle Hyperion’s Data Relationship Management (DRM) Tool?

Oracle DRM Tool

There appears to be a lot misconception about what the DRM tool really is and where and how it can be used.  Client’s tend initially to narrowly focus on how they are going to use the product and use that … Continue reading